Before the invention of synthetic dyes in the 19th century, people had been extracting bright colors from the natural bounty available to use as sources of color for textiles, paintings and leather. Despite the growing interest in natural dyes, the knowledge of these materials and techniques has been partially lost, or the information available is confusing and scattered. 


The Sewing Seeds program is guided by the belief that the future of textile art, textile production and fashion will have to necessarily include better practices and a better knowledge of the materials. We also believe that the access to natural dyes and the knowledge of the dyeing techniques should be available for everyone who wants to use it.


By facilitating access to information on natural dyeing and by contributing to the education of a new generation of designers, artists, thinkers and buyers we hope that we’re making a difference in our community and in the future of our planet.




Sewing Seeds is a community-based program of the Textile Arts Center that advocates for creativity, innovation and sustainability in art through the use of natural materials as sources of color. Founded in 2010, the program is a pioneer in creating natural dye education programming and resources in the East Coast and help laying the groundwork for a new generation of natural dyers.