What is the TAC AIR application process?
Applications for Cycle 11 of AIR open on January 15, 2020. All applications must be submitted electronically through the online platform by the deadline, March 16, 2020. 


You will need to write about your work, interests and experience, and – most importantly – your desire for participating in the program.  Additionally, you’ll be required 
to submit a portfolio of 5-10 high-resolution images of your best work that most relates to what you hope to accomplish during the program. 


If you experience any issues with the online application platform, please contact by March 14 in order to answer your questions in time. Please do not wait until the last minute.


Is there an application fee?
For AIR Cycle 11, there is an application fee of $25 for application submitted by March 2, 2020; and a fee of $35 for applications submitted by March 16, 2020.

Do you accept international applicants?
Yes! In the past we’ve had several international artists move to NYC for the duration of the program. TAC can offer some guidance and support for your VISA application, but residents are responsible for all VISA arrangements and fees. 


Is there any degree requirement to apply?

There is no degree requirement to apply to TAC AIR and we encourage applicants from all backgrounds. 


What’s the selection process?
All applications will be reviewed by a jury committee made of TAC staff, and professionals working in different fields of fiber arts. After the first round, selected applicants will be contacted for an interview. Interviews will be held during the month of April. Candidates will be contacted by mid-May with their acceptance status. 


What are interviews like? Who conducts them?
Interviews are typically about 30-40 minutes, and are conducted by Kelly Valletta and Isa Rodrigues, TAC Co-Executive Directors. Applicants should be ready to discuss their work, their reasons for wanting to participate in the program, and what they hope to accomplish creatively and professionally.


What if I am not currently in New York and get invited for an interview?
We strongly prefer that candidates be able to have an in-person interview, but definitely understand that this is not always possible. In these cases, we will schedule a Skype interview. We do not hold phone interviews in order to be able interact with you in some way and get to know you. 


If I’m accepted for TAC AIR, what is needed upon acceptance?
Accepted applicants must notify TAC of their official acceptance to be part of TAC AIR no later than June 1st. At this time, you will be required to sign the AIR Contract and submit a tuition deposit of $1000.


What is the tuition for TAC AIR?
The tuition for AIR Cycle 12 (2020-21) is $10,000.


Is there a payment plan?
TAC offers residents the option of a monthly payment plan.

Are there any financial aid options available?

The Textile Arts Center is committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in all its programs. The  TAC Artist In Residence Scholarship will support one artist or designer per cycle who demonstrates commitment to their art practice, identifies with a historically underrepresented community in the arts and/or states the need for financial assistance to participate in the program and advance their artistic practice.


TAC AIR Scholarship is made possible from donations of TAC AIR and WIP alumni and instructors’ work, WIP workshops and by TAC.


Since only one artist per cycle will recieve the Residence Scholarship, we encourage applicants to begin researching third-party funding by the time of application, including artist grants, loans, credit, or others. Here is a brief list of some places to look for grants and resources:


Chenven Foundation 

Brooklyn Arts Council 

New York Foundation for the Arts

Handweaver’s Guild of America

Foundation Center

The Harpo Foundation

Fractured Atlas

New York Artists Online

The Awesome Foundation

Women Arts


Additionally, we encourage and support residents to organize their own crowdfunding campaigns.


What kind of time commitment is the AIR program? Can I work while going through the program?
We expect that accepted residents make the program a priority for the full cycle. It is an intensive professional development program that will take a lot of focus, work, and time. We believe the investment in you and your work makes it worth this level of effort and attention. 

However, we do know life goes on and NYC is a tough place to survive and be creative. We want this program to work for artists and designers as a complement to their lives – not remove, isolate, or bring them down. We absolutely accept candidates that have full or part time jobs.  

Critiques and class times are twice per week, generally totalling to about 6 hours per week. Monday evenings are critique nights, while class evenings are usually on Thursday evenings or weekends. This can vary throughout the cycle based on instructor availability.  Residents are updated on dates far in advance, and given a calendar to work around.

We expect and recommend that residents spend about 15-20 additional hours per week in their studio on their work. Residents have 24/7 access to their studios, so weekends and late nights are okay.


Have a question for an AIR alum about their experience?


Here’s a few you should feel free to contact:



Lucia Cuba -



If you still have questions, feel free to email Isa Rodrigues,