Isabella Amstrup is a textile and fashion designer that is exploring sustainable practices in her creative work. Born and raised in South East Asia, she currently lives and works in New York. She is particularly interested in creating clothing that disrupts the conventional ritual of dressing. By deconstructing secondhand garments and altering them through draping, sewing, and weaving, Isabella aims to restore the value of used textiles and reinterpret a garment's relationship to the human body. Isabella has a BFA in Integrated Design from Parsons the New School for Design and recently received an MS in Textile Design with a focus in weaving from Philadelphia University. Through creative collaborations and teaching, she hopes to spread awareness about textiles and foster the local textile community.







Rebekah Bassen is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology where she earned a BFA in Textile and Surface design.

Her previous studies in photography often inform her personal art practice by framing the world around her to focus in on textures and juxtapositions.

She works as a woven textile designer for a local manufacturing mill as well as a freelance production weaver.







Andrew Boos is a weaver and textile designer currently living in Brooklyn. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Art History and Art and now focuses primarily on fiber arts. By creating dynamic textiles for the home, his work blurs the line between utilitarian design and art. He challenges the traditional static role of textiles by embracing asymmetry, encouraging movement through space rather than anchoring it. His colors are at once natural and surreal, evoking a meditative response that is peaceful, inspiring, and dynamic. Through his combination of traditional weaving techniques and contemporary design aesthetics, Andrew explores how progressivism can be expressed through purely formal considerations.


Mia Daniels is an artist/designer from British Columbia, Canada. Having an intimate relationship with the natural environment growing up in the coastal mountains and surfing in the cold Pacific Ocean is a key factor underpinning all of her work, at times, paradoxically woven with the colourful appropriation of ready-mades: the found, lost or discarded remnants of consumer culture. Embedded in the notions of adaptability and spontaneity, much of Mia's work speaks to creative and cultural diversities celebrated through expressions of freedom and autonomy. Open, non-fictional narratives are created, flexible in terms of concept and form; autobiographical yet universal.

Mia studied at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, graduating 2014 with a bachelors degree majoring in Industrial Design. Studying systems of production and consumption has acted as a platform for considering the potential within contemporary culture for alternative modes of collaboration and exchange. Extensive travel throughout both her childhood and adult life has been integral to her interest in textile-based work the vibrant landscapes of Mexico, Guatemala, Nepal, and Indonesia have provided much inspiration towards traditions of textile cultures embedded in the local and hand-made. 

Since 2011, Mia has worked in collaboration with cloTHING(s) as Conversation, a research initiative based out of Emily Carr University of Art + Design exploring additive and subtractive manufacturing applied for clothing and communication modes of the future:











Sarah Finkle is a Brooklyn based fiber artist from Upstate New York. Working mostly with wool roving and other natural fibers, she is fascinated by the role textiles play in our lives and in our perception of the world around us. She has recently been exploring the comfort and protective elements that these materials can give us in a series of exaggerated sweaters, head pieces, and full body shelters. She received her Bachelors degree at Skidmore college in 2011, with a concentration in textiles and sculpture. She has continued this exploration in her career as a freelance artist, working alongside and collaborating with fiber and textile artists throughout the city. She recently completed a summer residency at the Textílsetur in Blönduós, Iceland. 


As a musician and visual designer I like to have a variety of roles in the projects i am involved in.

I find the border between music, design, architecture and art very exciting and I tend to work with themes that surround me and affect me.

I think of my work as a kind of visual poetry and an exploration. I am interested in the processes through which we create our memory and history.

Each project is grouped around specific themes and meanings. these are often expressed in a range of different media. 

While I use a variety of media, my methodology is consistent. During research I develop a concept, the idea and the sensibility in the project decide the media in which it is expressed. Mostly sound, illustration, textiles, screen print and installations. 

Aside from this I am interested in How we create structure in an uncontrolled expression and how sound can create pictures and drawings can be musical.

My practice is part of a continuous process in which I mix ideas from different fields of inspiration, such as, sound, philosophy, and graphics.









‘More is more’ is Vien Le Wood’s philosophy and artistic expression. There’s nothing more satisfying than starting with a blank canvas and encrusting it with her hands. Playing with color, texture and form whilst experimenting with unexpected materials using time honored and innovative techniques has no boundaries. Vien is an award winning British textile artist, formerly the Art Council’s ‘Fashion at Belsay’ fellowship holder where she created a textile fountain sculpture called Tallulah, running water dress.  She was also winner of the prestigious Textile Award of her year at Graduate Fashion Week. Based in New York, she was the Embellishment Designer for Rebecca Taylor. Vien is currently founder of Gold Spink Studio, an embellishment and color concept house inspired by her global travels and bohemian wanderings.