Rhonda Khalifeh is a Syrian-American artist and surface designer based in New York. She recieved a BA from New York University in 2013 and an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2017.








Hannah is a textile desginer from Dublin focused on highlighting the importance of nature in our everyday lives. The objective of Hnnhah's on-going project "Living Room Roots" is to create unique and obscure handmade sculptures and installations that accomodate plants growth, making nature an integral part of every environment.







Born in Massachussetts, Lily spent her childhood in Austin, her adolescence in San Francisco, and since 2010 she has taken residence in New York. Graduated from Barnard College in 2015 with a degree in Art History and Studio Art, specializing in intaglio etching and photogravure. Since then she has resided in Brooklyn developing a textile-based practice. Proud owner of three cats, she is the ecommerce director for her boyfriend's coffee roastery. Her life experiences have instilled in her a fascination and sympathy for the human body and politics. Lily admits to be a terrible cook, but compensates it by keeping a clean house and studio. She has a 10 year old half-sister in Oakland who she sees as much as possible.








Working with hand-painted surface treatments, Meghan O'Sullivan's work involves applying textile paintings to the human form. Her most recent experiments combine acrylic paints, sharpie pen drawings, and metallic foiling on vinyl-plastic grounds. Always drawn to spontaneous and beautiful messes, she enjoys mixing media and creating work with a collage process. Next, she slices them, draping the compositions around the body. Once all the pieces are assembled, the wearable canvases showcase a surprise of graphic and expressive marks where the artworks meet at the seams. 
Meghan O'Sullivan studied Fashion Design and Art History at Pratt Institute (BFA 2016). Her background in designing clothing allows her to create art fro everyday life. Taking inspiration from people on the street, the internet, and her personal photography; her work is a response to the daily research she constantly accumulates. O'Sullivan currently works as a freelance textile designer in New York City.








Junyu Li was born in Xuzhou, China and raised in Hangzhou, China. She earned her BFA in Craft Design and MA in Fiber Art from Hangzhou Normal University before pursuing her MFA in Fiber Art from Cranbrook Academy of Art. 
"Body, texture, and the organic are the big issues of my work. I express these through material study. Materials have their own language to speak, and objects have their own soul to stand. 
I am very interested in the way my objects and installations make people feel. The combination of mechanical structure and bodily forms brings up feelings of absurdity or discomfort. My work created an awkward space between humor and sickness, figurative and ambiguous, playful and painful."








Cory Siegler is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She earned a BFA in Printmaking from Pratt Institute, and her current work is based primarily in drawing and patchwork quilting.
Cory’s work focuses on creating visual systems made up of symbols, structures, and repeating patterns. Firmly rooted in the grid, compositions are built out of simple shapes that become more complex through the use of repetition and color. She often incorporates worn out clothes and household textiles, such as old curtains and sheets, into her patchwork pieces, which leads to surprising color and textural combinations. She enjoys giving a new use and beauty to cast-off fabrics, and letting the material guide her work.
Cory is the General Manager at Printed Matter, Inc., a non-profit arts organization which specializes in the distribution and promotion of artists’ books.







Jamie Boyle is a visual artist whose work, often through labor-intensive processes, explores some of the complexities of the precarious and dependent bond between the human body and the material world. 

Jamie received a BA in Studio Art and the History of Art and Architecture from the University of Pittsburgh and an MFA in Art with an emphasis in sculpture from The Ohio State University. From 2007-2011, she was Project Manager in artist Ann Hamilton’s studio, where she was immersed in the technical language and poetic potential of textile processes. After moving to New York, she joined the production team at Park Avenue Armory, where she assisted with large-scale Drill Hall installations, including Hamilton's the event of a thread (2012), and coordinated the 2013 season’s Under Construction works-in-progress series.
Frequently, Jamie collaborates on the design, creation, and installation of visual components for performance. Recently, she has worked with choreographers Jennifer Lacey and Wally Cardona (The Set Up, LMCC River to River Festival 2017); visual artist Michael Mercil and percussion trio TIGUE (Thoreau’s Desk, The Ohio State University, 2017); choreographers Ursula Eagly, Martín Lanz Landázuri and composer Kohji Setoh (piece with gaps for each other, The Chocolate Factory, 2017); choreographer Faye Driscoll (Thank You For Coming: Play, Wexner Center for the Arts, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Walker Art Center, 2016/17); theater artist Geoff Sobelle (The Object Lesson, Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York Theater Workshop, 2014/2017); and visual artist Ann Hamilton with theater ensemble SITI Company (the theater is a blank page, Wexner Center for the Arts, 2015).




Chang Yuchen (b.1989, China) graduated from School of the Art Institute of Chicago (MFA) in 2013 and Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing (BFA) in 2011. She currently lives between New York and Beijing. Yuchen’s works have been exhibited internationally, including solo shows Barbaric Poetry at Between Art Lab (Beijing) and Snake and Others at Fou Gallery (New York), as well as group shows at Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (New York), Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Gwangju Biennale, Today Art Museum (Beijing), CAFA Museum (Beijing) and etc. She has performed at Salt Projects (Beijing), Momenta Art (New York) and Printed Matter Inc. (New York). Her works are collected by Museum of Modern Art Library (New York), Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection (Chicago) and so on. Yuchen is the recipient of Luminarts Fellowship in 2012. She is also a Sales Assistant at Printed Matter Inc. and the founder of